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Passeig Pere III
Passeig Pere III, along with Angel Guimerà Street, is the main commercial core of Manresa. It is 2 km long, from Sant Domènec square to Carretera de Vic street. We can distinguish three different sections.

It was built during the nineteenth century, as a part of the first extension of the city after they demolished the walls in 1819. It was opened in 1891 and was the place where the bourgeoisie from Manresa started to stablish their residences; these were wealthy people who financed the modernist art that can be found walking through this area: the Casino, Casa Gabernet Espanyol House, Lluvià Tower, Casal Regionalista, etc.

The name of Passeig Pere III was given in 1928 in honor of King Peter IV of Aragorn